Transforming technical advancements and exploits it to the optimum level. Analyze the habits and behavior of students and have the predictive model that enables maximum output.

Education Industry is one of those industries which adapted to the perennially transforming technical advancements and exploits it to the optimum level. The challenges that industry faced are enormous from lack of proper methodologies to forced uniformity in learning, and amidst everything, something that has helped the industry to deal with a lot many problems and still managing to evolve is the integration of the technology in everything from process to operations.

Our talented Moodle developers can help you with-

  • Moodle design and development.
  • Template and theme development and customization.
  • E-learning website development.
  • Version upgradation.
  • Extensions and plugins development.
  • Integration with social sites and CMS.

E-learning Software Solutions

  • Virtual Classroom : Intuitive designs enable the teachers to deliver the lectures with an improved level of efficiency.
  • Distance Learning Programs : Share the educational content with the students and enable them with a better learning opportunity.
  • Online Training : Deliver the online training to the learners situated far from you with our easy-to-integrate solutions.
  • Educational Games : Introduce your learners with an easier method of learning through educational games.
  • Corporate Training : Hire manpower and keep them trained enough to have efficient deliveries with Corporate Training Solution.

Learning Management System

  • Teaching Software : All-inclusive easy-to-use-and-integrate software that powers the teachers to focus on improved teaching.
  • Simulated Experiment Software : Make the learning easier for your students through our comprehensive and advanced simulated experiment software.
  • Test paper Evaluation Software : Let your candidates get assessed fairly above any favoritism with our Test Paper Evaluation Software.
  • Pilot Training Portals : Test the verifiability and scope of scalability of your training portal with our pilot training portal solutions.
  • Examination Management Software : Manage the various examination related tasks and have streamlined processes.