Specialized technology, consulting and development solutions for the Banking and Finance Industry!.

The swift technological improvements have changed the global banking and finance industry entirely over the past decade. The customer demands in this sector are raising, newer competitors are coming in the market and the regulatory authorities are making the rules difficult to follow. Battling all this and still keeping the growth pace high is dependent largely upon the technical handshaking with the process and operations.

Disruptive FinTech Solutions

  • Online Banking Predictive Analysis : Smartly track the customer activities and make the predictive model for online banking dashboard suggestion.
  • Financial Document Optimization : Have a detailed statement of the account payables with interactive features and reminders.
  • Trading Text-analytics : Text analysis and computational linguistics help in determining the emotional state of trader.
  • Crowdfunding Portals : Attract and engage the various kinds of investors altogether on a single comprehensive platform.
  • Lender, Vendor & Borrower Platform : A built-in all-inclusive platform to let all the entities collaborate and manage all interactions.

Business and Operational Support

  • Payment Solution : Offer the payment gateway with multiple payment options from various banks across the world.
  • Business Process Management : Achieve the desired targets with effective and streamlined Business Process management.
  • Wealth and Asset Management : Keep a check on your total value and have the wealth and asset value calculated rightly.
  • Billing Management : Manage the multiple lines of business through efficacious customer billing management.
  • Accounting Management : Analyze the business operation costs more efficiently and derives better effective financial records.

P2P Lending Platforms

The platform lets you to offer unlimited functionalities to lenders and buyers willing to involve in P2P lending.