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Developing Solutions in NodeJS vs Python: Pros and Cons


Developing Solutions in NodeJS vs Python: Pros and Cons 

NodeJS and Python are two essential solutions for back-end developments. These both are the programming languages (although, Node is a runtime environment for JavaScript) and established for server-side application development. NodeJS is based on JavaScript and runs on V8engine while python is object-oriented and high-level language.  
NodeJS offers great performance and a platform for developing messaging or chatting applications, while Python supports functional and structured programming methods. If you are intelligent and understandable then it is not a big task to get what type of application you want to develop. However, no language is bad but it all depends on you and the unique variable associated with the project, which language you need to choose according to your project.   
Every language has its own specifications and demands. And when you build an application, it is most imperative to choose the right technology for your project. We strive to make you more clear about both languages with the help of below pros and cons. 

Pros of NodeJS 

1.    Fats server solution 
2.    Scalable solution 
3.    Single language for front-end and back-end. 
4.    Easy to support 

Cons of NodeJS 

1.    Bad quality or lack of documentation for some modules in npm 
2.    Less effective with CPU-intensive operations 
3.    Error in handling 

Pros of Python 

1.    Easy to use 
2.    Readily approachable to PHP code 
3.    Rich standard library and ecosystem 
4.    Fast development 

Cons of python 

1.    Unsuitable for memory intensive process 
2.    Poor in newly included functionality 
3.    Lack of support for DSLs (Domain-Specific Languages) 

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