SEO Tips For Your Startup

The massive amount of traffic SEO generates, is all stored and tracked through services like Google Analytics. In the right hands, this is an amazing tool for your business and can provide essential feedback to inform your business decisions.

SEO can increase the reach of your business

Far beyond what was possible with traditional marketing strategies.

A byproduct of increased visibility online is increasing the reach of your marketing efforts. Moreover, SEO will target a wider audience that is actively seeking your products or services, therefore, are more likely to be converted into genuine sales or leads.

With SEO, a small independent retailer can trade at a national, or international level for a modest outlay – all from the comfort of their bedroom.

SEO is good for visibility and branding

Throughout this article, we’ve equated increased visibility with increased traffic and ultimately, an uptick in sales. But high visibility is more than just a simple click through. Most searchers don’t just search once, click on a couple of websites and then finish. They’re far more likely to search once, click on a couple of websites, re-evaluate their search terms and repeat again until they’ve honed their search for their exact terms. In this, there is a massive amount of value in simply appearing in search terms that are directly related to your business.

If you continually appear in all of these search results, hitting every keyword, then it means you are gaining more and more mindshare, or association, with each potential customer. Even if your website wasn’t the first choice on their original search, chances are, by building this awareness, they will eventually click through to your website. Not only that, but they will trust you as a viable service that much more.

SEO helps build your brand’s credibility

We, as consumers, trust search engines to deliver to us exactly what we need. Therefore, consciously or not, we take their rankings as an implicit vote of confidence. The higher you rank on your page, the more Google, or other search engine’s trust your website, and the more they trust you, the more the consumer trusts your business.

The further back your website is in the search rankings, the more we tend to devalue it – if we even do click back that far. Your customers may not realise it, but high search rankings make you more credible in their eyes.

More than that, a solid SEO strategy that involves content creation can help develop your grounding as an expert, or a voice of authority in your field, by developing and sharing thought pieces, articles and blog posts that establish you as an important industry, or consumer, voice.

SEO complements and integrates with other forms of marketing

Whether it is digital or traditional marketing, SEO can perfectly integrate with your other marketing strategies.

Linking your efforts with content generation, social media, and PR, can boost your reach, and their market power, even further.

SEO has one of the best ROI’s in Advertising

SEO provides the greatest rewards, at a higher rate than any other form of traditional offline marketing.

The reason for this is, as I’ve stated before because SEO is an inbound marketing strategy, it allows you to directly market to people already searching for the products and services your provide. Targeting interested consumers means that the majority of the hard work is already done for you; there’s no need for an elaborate sales pitch, no need to convince someone they need something they weren’t already looking to buy, all you need to do is show up.

Unlike many forms of traditional marketing, SEO is not static. It requires constant adjustment in order to stay in compliance with Google updates and a competitive market. Although if you’re choosing to look after your own SEO, the level of attention a good SEO strategy needs can be cumbersome, the constant assessment provides you with the opportunity to immediately adjust tactics and approaches.

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