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Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation is a light weight Workflow and Business Process Management system designed to automate the electronic forms and document approval process seamlessly. Workflow automation can be used to replicate your own business process by automating document submission, review, and approval process.

  •  Workflow Engine: Implement quickly and easily
  • Electronic Forms: Easy and Quick eForms set-up
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and Know real time status
  • Get your team engaged in your daily processes and ensure maximum productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction and shorter time-to-market by better business process
  • Greater cost savings with Workflow Automation processes
  • Greater employee satisfaction as collaboration and best practices are improved
  • Complete transparency of all activities across the team and organization
  • Customer retention level is improved with the help of effective business processes

Project Portfolio Management Software – PortfolioQuest

PortfolioQuest™ is a simple yet effective Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that delivers industry leading best practices without the complexities of traditional PPM tools, allowing you to rapidly mobilize your workforce and jumpstart your PPM journey!

  • Aligning and prioritizing projects to corporate strategies
  • Capturing and realizing business case / ROI on investment
  • Actively managing and adapting the portfolio to changes
  • Adapting to changes and adjusting project portfolio
  • Gaining efficiency through workflow and automation
  • Managing projects, timelines, risks and issues financials and resources in an integrated manner

Video-Based Interview Software

The Talent Acquisition Challenge

Talent acquisition departments for leading companies are feverishly figuring out ways to access the scarce talent pool and fill the open positions in their companies with the right talent for their business objectives while reducing the sourcing time and costs. A few key common challenges:

  • Inefficiency in the sourcing and talent acquisition process
  • In today’s hyper-competitive and fast-paced business environment, demand for skilled resources and the need to find the right talent is greater than ever before.
  • Too many steps in your candidate sourcing process with limited visibility
  • Recruiters tired of receiving and reviewing the resumes and yet not hitting the mark
  • Long hours and elapsed time in sorting through the resume pile to spot the right candidates

Streamline your hiring process from job posting to candidate selection while dramatically improving the quality of hires through our video-based interview technology that enables the talent acquisition staff and hiring managers to instantly access video interviews for qualified candidates specific to their hiring needs including qualifications, skills and behavioral requirements.

H R Management System

Intuitive, simple to use and effective for managing the ” people basics ” of the organization. Human Resource management that empowers decisions and boosts productivity. From recruiting to hiring to the exit interview, HRMS provides organized tracking and instant access to critical employee data.

  •  Leave & Attendance Management
  •  Timesheet Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Performance Management

Document Management System

  • ORGANIZE: Keep Documents Better Organized with Multi-Level Folders.
  • FIND: Find documents and files in seconds rather than hours with Smart Search Options.
  • SHARE: Allow more than one user access to the same document at the same time.
  • VERSION CONTROL: Ability to manage document changes and revisions.
  • CENTRALIZATION: Store department or workgroup documents in a central storage area.
  • SECURITY: Set document security for who can view and update files. Determines a range of actions, including adding pages, annotating, copying, or deleting records.
  • AUDIT: Verify who viewed and made updates to documents. Determines who can log on the system and which folders or files individuals can open.
  • WEB ACCESS: Work Remotely. The document management software can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the web interface

School Management System

Simply connect via the Internet to your school site on via School Management System.  Log-in, and you’re up and running.

  • STUDENT INFORMATION – Get easy access to student particulars, their grades, schedules, address, parents info, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities, and any reports, anytime.
  • TEACHER INFORMATION – Track your teacher’s particulars, residential addresses and other data. Information is always online so your teachers can access their schedule anytime.
  • PARENT ACCESS – Parents can log in and view their children’s information anytime through the Parent Portal. Parents can keep track of their child’s attendance, workload and progress!
  • ATTENDANCE – Track daily attendance by homeroom, period or subject. Easy to use interface to check off your students.

Customer Relation Management

CRM enables you to nurture relationships with customers and prospects to drive sales or sustain long-term profitability. It also aggregates streams of customer data to surface insights that help you make better business decisions.

  • Generate insights for better decisions
  • Increase sales opportunities
  • Profile customers easily
  • Align sales and marketing
  • Make accurate sales forecast