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RxSwift does much of the heavy lifting and makes code quick to write and easy to follow. MVVM and RxSwift are counted as some of the advanced topics when it comes to IOS app development, DigiPrimahas expert developers for MVVM and RxSwif.
Our team has been using Coordinators and MVVM in production apps for more than 2 years. MVVM is a UI architectural pattern from Model-View-X family. MVVM is similar to the standard MVC, except it defines one new component — ViewModel, which allows to better decouple UI from the Model. Essentially, ViewModel is an object which represents View UIKit-independently.

Creating an IOS app with MVVM and RxSwift

RxSwift and RxCocoa

key positive elements of RxSwift:

  1. Asynchrony is simplified with Declarative Code.
  2. Multithreading is simplified.
  3. Cleaner Code & Architectures.
  4. Composable Components.
  5. Multi-Platform
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